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Welcome to Books by Becky!

All my books, fiction and nonfiction, are available in print, eBook and audio formats. Pick and choose or read the entire collection to explore themes of love and freedom infused with hope and humor.

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Latest Release!


Book Two in the

Children of the Light Series

Kasenia Clarke escaped Shadow Ranch months ago, but when Trent Duran asks her to visit Crimson Arches, his neighboring ranch, she hesitates.


She adores Trent and wants to see where he “hangs his hat,” yet she dreads going anywhere near the abusive polygamous cult.


Then an unexpected connection with another “plyg” community changes everything, and she jumps in with both feet, unaware of the peril that awaits her down by the border.


Book One in the

Children of the Light Series

University of Arizona student Kasenia Clarke knows where she’s headed in life and how to get there.


But falling under a charismatic professor’s spell was not part of her plan. When a romantic weekend getaway to his isolated ranch reveals his perverse agenda, Kasenia finds herself a prisoner of a madman.

Desperate to extricate herself and her teenage brother from the locked compound near the U.S.-Mexico border, she frantically searches for someone to help them escape. The other "captives," who seem content with their unconventional lifestyle, are suspicious of Kasenia and her rebellious ideas.


Can she trust anyone to aid her quest for freedom when the group’s loyalty is to the professor and their activities are monitored day and night?

Prisoners of Hope

3-Book Series

Shattered Dream: Singer/songwriter Cassie True enters a rehab program that promises to change her life.


And it does…in ways she never expected. Caught in a religious cult’s ever-constricting web, she fights not only for her sanity but for the freedom to form real friendships. She longs to put alcoholism behind her, finish the program and return to her career. But when her friend is forcibly separated from her husband by the cult leader and a young boy is abused at the cult’s elementary school, she can’t stand by and do nothing.

Tangled Truth: Cassie True escapes a controlling religious cult but forsakes her freedom and returns to help her friends break the chains and lies that bind them.


Cult leaders view Cassie True’s unexplained overnight disappearance and the subsequent arrests of key members with suspicion. When she refuses to bow to intimidation, they do all they can to humiliate her, which means degrading “cleanse” sessions as well as public shame. Daily, she and others suffer increasingly callous treatment. Yet, court-ordered to participate in the cult’s rehab program, she knows she can’t leave again.

Hidden Path: Cassie True returns from her grandmother’s funeral to a warm welcome by the rehab program staff and participants—and condemnation from the cult leaders.


Furious that Cassie slipped through their fingers, the leaders have no sympathy for her loss or the injuries she sustained in an accident. When they learn Corban Dahlstrom helped Cassie escape, their fury escalates, and they pressure her to confess sins she didn’t commit. At the same time, the head leader’s son becomes more aggressive in his pursuit of Cassie.

Winds of Wyoming

4-Book Series

Winds of Hope: A beautiful ex-felon who’s had her fill of men. A crotchety old ranch hand who loved and lost. A busy lonely rancher facing a difficult summer.


Marketing degree in hand, Kate Neilson leaves a Pennsylvania penitentiary and heads for an internship on a Wyoming guest ranch determined to live a better life, despite others’ attempts to drag her back into the pit. Cyrus Moore, a longtime ranch hand embittered by the loss of women he once loved, vows to make life difficult for an “over-educated” new employee who resembles Susan, his daughter who left for college and never returned.

Winds of Wyoming: Fresh out of a Pennsylvania penitentiary armed with a marketing degree, Kate Neilson heads to Wyoming anticipating an anonymous new beginning as a guest-ranch employee.


A typical twenty-five-year-old woman might be looking to lasso a cowboy, but her only desire is to get on with life on the outside—despite her growing interest in the ranch owner. When she discovers a violent ex-lover followed her west, she fears the past she hoped to hide will trail as close as a shadow and imprison her once again.


Winds of Freedom: Winter storms blast across the Whispering Pines Guest Ranch, and a cold wind blows through Kate Neilson’s soul.


Despite her pain, Kate’s well-being takes a backseat to the needs of loved ones: her best friend, who’s been ensnared by evil; her failing great-aunt, whose dementia care keeps Kate guessing; and Laura and Mike Duncan, whose ranch and livelihood are threatened by a land-grabbing neighbor.

Winds of Change: Kate Neilson Duncan discovers new purpose for her life when she and her mother-in-law, Laura Duncan, open a home on their Wyoming guest ranch for young trafficking victims.


But her husband, Mike Duncan, insists the endless hours Kate spends at the children’s home threaten their marriage. Following an argument with Mike, Kate treats three of the kids to an outing—where the unimaginable happens. If Kate and the children survive, can she and Mike recover what they’ve lost?

It's A God Thing: Inspiring Stories of Life-Changing Friendships

"You gonna take a hit with us, Lar?" Nikki snickers and glances at the young woman next to her in the front seat, then at me in the back seat. Knowing I won’t join them, the woman giggles as Nikki passes her the pipe.


But I’m not laughing. I feel trapped. I can’t breathe. My head is throbbing. My heart is pounding. And my mind is whirling. How in the world did I end up in the back of a car watching strippers smoke dope?


I remember Nikki inviting me to a party but can’t recall her saying snowcaps would kick off the evening’s activities. Get me out of here, God, I pray, before the cops come!

On a Wing and a Prayer: Stories from Freedom Fellowship, a Prison Ministry


"The first time I tried to kill myself, I was eight years old.

I didn't know I was attempting suicide. All I knew was aspirin took away pain. I didn’t want my mom to beat me up again, and I didn’t want more pain, so I ate an entire bottle of baby aspirin."

                                                   *      *      *

"More and more police vehicles joined our high-speed race through town. I remember a blur of flashing lights, loud sirens and crazy driving—running cars off the road, going through stoplights, bouncing off curbs. Soon, so many cops were chasing me I decided to bail. As I turned a corner, I opened the car door and jumped out. After a tuck and a roll, I was on my feet running."

                                                  *      *      *

"I’ve been incarcerated with men doing a life stretch in prison who are happy. They’re free on the inside, like the Bible says. On the outside, they might be doing life, but on the inside they’re happy. They have that joy only God can give. Like me, it took prison for them to find the Lord. But they know for a fact that in the next life they’ll be in heaven, not behind bars. They understand true freedom. Someday, they’ll dance on streets of gold."

Passageways: A Short Story Collection

Four authors who also happen to be friends. Sixteen unique short stories. From tales of spies and trains and John Wayne, to monks, magic and marriage, you’ll be entertained, challenged and inspired.

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